Who Needs Things?

Past Christmas presents . . .

It was a Lalique crystal decanter. It lived on my mantle where no one could touch it, even me. I kept it filled with jelly beans. Oh, how I loved that Lalique decanter! Then one day my cat jumped up on the mantle and shattered my crystal perfection. I too was shattered until  I remembered all the times my cat comforted me when I needed comforting . . .

A friend is more valuable that any thing. 



Holiday Esoterica

As we count down the days to Christmas, I’m going to share some family cards I illustrated for my mom. Sometimes I wasn’t sure what I was trying to say, but I said it anyway because it was my truth. Here’s one of those cards . . .

 Speak your truth, even if nobody gets it.


(Thanks mom, for letting me speak my truth!)

Pigs Will Fly!

Christmas 1999. I drew the design below had it printed on sweatshirt for everyone to celebrate the New Millennium. I showed the sweatshirt to Izabel. “Is this you?” I asked.  She merely smiled and said,  “As long as there are pig styes, there will be a way out of them.”


A Mom Card

For over 30 years I illustrated my mom’s Christmas cards. Izabel said I could post the ones that contained a snippet of wisdom. The card below was my take on The Twelve Days of Christmas: UPS delivers the partridge in a pear tree to the girl from her true love. The  partridge flies away, leaving the girl with nothing but a pear tree. She complains a little. So her true love gets her a couple of turtle doves to replace the absentee partridge. They fly away too. (You think the guy could have at least included a cage? Maybe they weren’t on sale.) Now the girl’s even more miffed. So what does her true love rush out and buy? Three french hens! Really? Then come the calling birds. By now the girl’s ready to dump the guy and he knows it. So, off he goes to Tiffany’s and returns with 5 golden rings.

The girl is thrilled. The guy gets lucky. And in his post-coital euphoria he tries to trump the rings with some swans and a lake. A lake? And more birds?

You all know the rest from here. Yada, yada, yada . . . and 12 drummers drumming. Who needs  cacophony at Christmas? So the girl tells her true love to take a hike and take all his gifts with him.

Gentlemen: When in doubt, a kiss will do.