Holiday Esoterica

As we count down the days to Christmas, I’m going to share some family cards I illustrated for my mom. Sometimes I wasn’t sure what I was trying to say, but I said it anyway because it was my truth. Here’s one of those cards . . .

 Speak your truth, even if nobody gets it.


(Thanks mom, for letting me speak my truth!)

Izabel Returns

Over the years I’ve experienced some pretty hefty creativity blocks. My remedy: I doodle. Doodling, coupled with a medicinal martini are guaranteed to conjure up Izabel, my muse. She’s my sure cure for inspiration constipation. And, I was feeling a bit blocked and was hoping Izabel might pop in with some inspiration.I thought maybe if I doodled she might appear. That’s how we originally met: in a doodle. However, instead of emerging from my doodle she flew in through my window. “Where’ve you been?” I asked. “Castle Allinall,” she replied. “It’s where muses go for inspiration which we acquire through contemplation. contemplation.”

12.Egg “What did you contemplate?” I asked.  “What came first, the imagination or creation.”  “Your conclusion?”  “The imagination must have come first.”  “How’d you come to that conclusion?”  “Without the imagination creation would be unimaginable.”  “Allinall must be pretty big.”  “The proportions are to massive to calculate.”  “Give me a clue––“  “Have you ever heard of Betelguese––the ninth brightest star in the universe; the star that makes the sun look like a grain of sand? Allinall dwarfs Betelguese.”

I could almost see Allinall, floating above it all, transcending time and Wonder Bread. “How long will it take to get there?” I asked.

“It will take as long as it needs to take. Remember, one line at a time.”

And so my journey to Allinall continued…



Hart and Glynnis

Hart and Glynnis . . .

I remember my first date with Hart so well. At the end of the evening I asked Hart, “What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned so far?”

He replied, “The choices I have are mine to make. Trusting that, I choose the path that will take me to where my heart resides for ’tis there that truth and love thrive.” And I thought – Dang! He’s more than just nice . . .

And his daughter, Glynnis – “How do you stay so young?” I asked her.

“Before I got Fibble’s tooth, I spent so many moments worrying what he might do to me if he caught me. I’ve never been so scared. But when I finally got close enough to really see him, I saw that there was nothing to fear. Then I got his tooth. And once I had the tooth, I stopped worrying and all those moments I spent worrying stopped too. And since time is measured in moments, time must have stopped too, at least for me,” she said. 

I will miss them with all my heart. They taught me many profound truths, but the one I will embrace the most was so subtle I almost missed it . . .

11.HartGlynnsTHANK YOU!