Here I am, live with Godfrey Goodfellow and his son, Bartholomew Peach, who I turned into a frog that I dated. Gulp . . .

11.FirstPeach“Gee, Godfrey, um . . . I’m really sorry about this. He looks pretty healthy though. He’s been living in my swamp. We hung out together for a while but there was no hanky-panky. Honest! So, would you mind giving me back my poofing power so I can turn him back into Peach?”

“You never gave up your power. You merely gave up the choice to use it.”

“So, I can just POOF! – and he’ll be Peach again?”


“All this mecca stuff, delivering Peach and my plagued plot to you was – ”

“Just more plagued plot . . . ”

“So, I really am in control here?”

“You’re the author – ”

“Why do I keep forgetting that? OK, then, I’m not going to change Peach back. I like him as a frog. I’ll take him back to the swamp. He can live happily ever after there. He’ll be harmless, and I can keep an eye on him. Problem solved.”

“Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim.”

Nora Ephron


Goldie and Goldman Sax

I’m still live, with Godfrey Goodfellow. Up next:  Goldie and Goldman Sax. I dragged them here because I thought my wish for everyone to know what ruins peace and tranquility involved them. Godfrey wants to speak–

“Do they ruin your peace and tranquility?”

“Sort of . . . ”

“Then figure out a way to not let them do it.”

“Dang! I thought you could make them change.”

“Sorry. But if it would make you feel better, in the not too far future people like you will figure out that if you want to take over the control of the economy all you have to do is not buy stock in anything that supports the banking system. If everyone did this, things would change almost instantly.”

“Gee, Godfrey, I always thought I was at the mercy of Wall Street. I never thought that it could be at the mercy of me.”

11.Second.WallStreet“Freedom lies in being bold.”

Robert Frost