What is Funky Pearl Wisdom?

Funky Pearl Wisdom is cyberdiary about what happened to me when I was creatively kidnapped by Izabel, a muse with a wicked sense of humor. Yes, you heard me.  I was doodling ( just mindless pig-piffle) when Izabel emerged––


I’m Liz Callen, veteran commercial illustrator. If you want to know more about me, go to CallenDoodles.com. A brief synopsis:  I did time at Art Center College of Design, schlepped my portfolio around, got an agent in New York, yada yada. And now a mischievous muse has taken my imagination hostage, I’ve become her puppet, so I have someone to blame for my insanity. This is what I look like on a reasonably good day––

Anna.SiteInstead of calling me Liz, she calls me Funky Pearl. This is what she thinks I look like––I’m not sure about the sparkly dress and boots. I usually wear jeans and flip-flops, but according to Izabel, “If you want to spark a reader’s interest, you’ve got to sparkle.” I think having my teeth whitened would have been sufficient.

Izabel promised to take me to Allinall (mecca for muses, inspiration nirvana) if I agreed to illustrate some funky pearls of wisdom. I should have asked what she meant, but instead I poured us martinis and exclaimed, “Let’s toast to the first line of my pilgrimage! You’ll be Sancho Panza, my trusty sidekick, and I’ll be Don Quixote!” We clinked glasses, and then I drew the picture you see on my banner.

Apparently that was the moment I unwittingly gave Izabel permission to take my life hostage and I became Funky Pearl, the quirky author of this cyberdiary. What I’m trying to say is Funky Pearl Wisdom wasn’t my creation. All I did was follow Izabel’s prompts.

(FYI: Izabel asked me to disable comments, so if you have comments or want to hire me to illustrate your epic graphic novel you can reach me at Liz@FunkyPearlWisdom.com. If you’re a spammer, beware! I’ve hired an army of cyber-robots who are programmed to attack.)

And now, the journey begins . . .