What is Funky Pearl Wisdom?

Funky Pearl Wisdom is cyberdiary about what happened to me when I was creatively kidnapped by Izabel, a muse with a wicked sense of humor. Yes, you heard me.  I was doodling ( just mindless  pig-piffle) when Izabel emerged––


I’m Liz Callen, veteran commercial illustrator. If you want to know more about me, go to CallenDoodles.com. A brief synopsis:  I did time at Art Center College of Design, schlepped my portfolio around, got an agent in New York, yada yada. And now a mischievous muse has taken my imagination hostage so I have someone to blame for my insanity. This is what I look like on a reasonably good day––

Anna.SiteInstead of calling me Liz, she calls me Funky Pearl. This is what she thinks I look like––I don’t mind the name, but I’m not sure about the sparkly dress and boots. I usually wear jeans and flip-flops, but according to Izabel, “If you want to spark a reader’s interest, you’ve got to sparkle.” I think having my teeth whitened would have been sufficient.

Izabel promised to take me to Allinall, the Mecca for muses)  if I agreed to illustrate some funky pearls of wisdom.  I should have asked precisely what she meant, but instead I poured us martinis and exclaimed, “Let’s toast to the first line of my pilgrimage! You’ll be Sancho Panza, my trusty sidekick, and I’ll be Don Quixote!” We clinked glasses, and I drew the picture you see on my banner.

Apparently that was the moment I unwittingly gave Izabel permission to take my life hostage and I became Funky Pearl, the quirky author of this cyberdiary. What I’m trying to say is Funky Pearl Wisdom wasn’t my creation. All I did was follow Izabel’s prompts.

(FYI: Izabel asked me to disable comments, so if you have comments or want to hire me to illustrate your epic graphic novel you can reach me at Liz@FunkyPearlWisdom.com. If you’re a spammer, beware! I’ve hired an army of cyber-robots who are programmed to attack.)

And now, the journey begins . . .